How to Boost your T-Shirt eCommerce Website Results

November 11, 2020


You have a great T-shirts or printed products, you have followers on social media, you have a website, so all that’s left is to sit back and watch the sales roll in, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy!

The reality is that while shifts in the market have lead to more online sales, there is more competition in the marketplace, making it harder for you to stand out and compete on a global stage.

We have reviewed a lot of eCommerce websites and see a recurring pattern of mistakes made, including some of these:

• Rotating image sliders on their home page.
• No clear Call to Action.
• The messaging just focuses on the features, instead of showing the benefits too.
• They try to just sell instead of leading with value.
• The layout of the page just has product images, without showing people interacting with the products, so there is no emotional connection.
• The page layout doesn’t have enough words for Google to rank it!
• Not enough trust-building elements like social proof and credibility elements.
• No clear or easy way to contact you or your customer service team.

They are just some of the reasons why people don’t buy from some eCommerce websites.

One of the keys to have people buy from an eCommerce website is to build an email list and a community around your product offer, then send incentive offers to your list to bring them to your website to purchase.

To boost conversions on your website it takes a lot of effort, and it’s best to split test small changes so you know what works, plus you will want to:

• Let people know the reasons they should buy from you.
• Try to tap into their emotions with your copywriting.
• Prove that other people love your products (using influencer promotion, the imagery on your site, and displaying prominent social proof on your website)
• Give them a clear pathway to purchase your products and removing any distractions.
• Give visitors an easy and seamless purchasing experience on desktop or mobile device.

        Check out this handy infographic with a bunch of tips that are designed to boost your eCommerce conversions…


Here are the tips in bullet for if you want to copy and paste them =)


• Send paid traffic to your best selling product landing pages.
• Incentivize customers to give you a testimonial.
• Run a competition to win more of your products.
• Use story in your email marketing.
• Offer bundle packs, preferable with your best sellers.
• Survey your email list and learn more about what they want.
• Don’t just sell to them, offer value such as blog posts, anything helpful.
• Ask influencers to review your products and promote them.


• Improve your messaging to have clarity and to talk to your ideal prospect’s pain-points.
• Let people know the reasons they should buy from you.
• Add a lead magnet to your website, like Join VIP Club, become a Member discounts, etc.
• Add trust logos like Quality Materials, Money Back Guarantee, Made In USA, etc.
• Use other credibility boosting metrics, like years in business, customers helped, Social media fans, etc.
• Use white or light background colors. Dark backgrounds are not good on a mobile.
• Make it easy for your customers to contact you or your customer service team.
• Provide an FAQ page for the most common questions form customers.

Product pages:

• Use professional photos of your products, preferably with people interacting also.
• Display videos reviews of your products.
• Improve your product page by showing the product benefits, not just features.
• Make sure the Call to Action Button is above the fold.
• Call to Action Buttons need to be a contrast color.
• Show the ‘was price’ and ‘you save $???’ on product description pages.

Checkout Pages:

• Improve your checkout pages by removing distractions.
• Offer 2-3 payment options.
• Offer an Up-sell for a limited time.
• Add a live chat & phone number.
• Use pre-populated field to show examples of what people should be typing.

Mobile Conversion Tips:

• Replace images with flat color where possible, so it loads quickly.
• Use a sticky nav hamburger menu.
• Have a sticky Call To Action Button on product pages.
• Use collapsed accordion menus for categories.
• A ‘Click to Call’ button works best on mobile.

We hope you found this helpful. If you have any other website tips for ecommerce please leave a comment or question below.



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