Global Citizen T-Shirt Print Trend

November 21, 2019

downloadt-shirtdesigns-global-citizenAs globalisation continues to punch forward and with the freedom of having the ability to work wherever there is wifi, the yearning for spiritual awakening through travel is influencing print design with a creative mix of cultural influences and global textiles and colors.

Modernised ethnic patterns and iconography are combined in unexpected ways, creating a complex new design language for the ever growing global tribe. Whether it's brightly colored Indonesian batik, detailed Indian prints, reworked African wax patterns, vibrant ethnic abstracts, large scale painted paisley, psychedelic ethnic prints, Peruvian weaves, ornate eastern detailing or aztec geometrics there is sure to be a design aesthetic to spark your global wanderlust.

Fuse these designs together in colors that range from natural earthy tones, brilliant desert hues to ethnically inspired primary flashes.

This T-Shirt print trend is quirky, eclectic, bohemian and creatively diverse.


African tribal prints also called wax prints are characterized for their bold geometric patterns and fierce bright hues. This trend explores new hybrid African prints and motifs, bold reworked geometric patterns and unconventional vibrant palettes.



Modern tribal tattoo inspired designs are based on ancient designs. Some of the cultures of origin are Borneo, Aztec cultures, India, Hawaii, Maori people of New Zealand, Samoa, and Polynesia. Characterized by the strong flat and bold colors like black and white and strong line and pattern work.




Ethnic patterns combine and collide for a patchwork effect creating a colourful kaleidoscope of cultural designs. Compositions are sophisticated and detailed and colors are bold and complex.




The mandala is a symbolic circular diagram which is representative of spirituality and the connection our body and mind have with the outside world, which makes it perfect for meditation or relaxation. This symbol has been apart of many global cultures. Their symmetry and color combinations can offer great diversity from the most mind blowing complex designs to simple stylised forms.




The paisley pattern is associated with all kinds of exotic, far-off locals and is one of the key elements in this trend. The original paisley design comes from Persian artwork, but the name refers to the Scottish town where paisley printed fabrics were produced once the pattern became popular in the West. From bohemia to psychedelia, the paisley print never seems to go out of style with it’s intricate design diversity and continued evolution.




Aztec influenced geometric pattern and motifs are timeless. The bright colors, strong stylized shapes and distinct patterns are dynamic in T-Shirt print design and can be used to create bold abstract geometrical designs.



Many global cultures revere the majestic Elephant as a symbol of strength and power. Given this the elephant motif is seen in many traditional print designs. Designs vary from traditional patterns clipped into the silhouettes, intricate illustrations, dynamic color combinations or bold geometrics.


(**All mood board images are sourced from DownloadT-ShirtDesigns and Pinterest. Their purpose is to communicate design trends and ideas and to inspire. The mood board images above are NOT for resale or reuse.**)


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